ISO9001 & ISO14001

Industrial Machines

We offer equipment that enables high quality, high precision, and high productivity

Technology Features

We sublimate functions requiring high precision and rapidity that cannot be achieved by operators alone into an automated machine that combines a high level of safety and production efficiency.
We design and manufacture equipment that contributes to not only labor and energy savings, but also the shortening and improved efficiency of production processes.

Example Products

Index machine, drying/cooling system, handling assembly (robot + hand type and mechatronics type), special and dedicated device, etc.

Details of Typical Products

Tower Drying System (Tray type)

An unattended continuous operation system perfect for long maturing processes

We mounted a drying unit and incidental equipment to the tower conveyer we developed.

For the heat source, both dry heat and moist heat can be manufactured, and we will design and manufacture the equipment according to the processing capability.

Offers nearly totally automated operation, except for regular maintenance.

There is very little shock caused by activating/stopping at the time of transporting trays on the conveyer, and it can transport trays horizontally/vertically, so the product characteristics will remain stable.

Index Machine

A processing machine in which a rotation machine with excellent stopping accuracy and various types of incidental equipment are combined

We will design and manufacture an index table that has high-stopping accuracy in conformity to your company’s specifications.

By placing a processing machine on the outer periphery or setting a processing machine over the table, it can be used as online or offline processing equipment.

Other Specially Designed Dedicated Equipment

For the automation/efficiency improvement of various types of production processes

For processes such as repetitive work and high-speed/accurate transfer, which have relied on the operators’ experience and gut feeling, we will design and manufacture equipment according to your company’s requests and specifications.

Our handling assemblies have results in various kinds of specifications ranging from mechatronics type transfer machines to transfer using robots.