ISO9001 & ISO14001

Food-Related Machines

We pursue automated machines that can produce “The products that customers demand”

Product Features

We offer automated machines developed with our own technological capabilities that can produce labor-saving, power-saving, uniform, and hygienic products with standard safety and operability.

In addition to standard machines, we also flexibly respond to requests for special dedicated machines that produce a single item.

Product Applications

Our products specialize in confectionery production, bread-making, prepared food (salads, etc.), frozen food, and Japanese/western confectioneries.

Product Examples

Hybrid oven (steam + heat source: electricity, gas, and superheated steam), steamer, proofer, various types of conveyer facilities including vertical type, cooling system, various types of filling machines, handling assemblies, and special dedicated equipment

Details of Typical Products

Integral Oven

The Three-in-One Hybrid Oven

This hybrid model can respond to the processing of baking, steaming, and steaming and roasting.

From products with a crisp texture to those with a moist and soft texture, as well as products that are crisp on the outside and juicy in the middle, this oven can be used for a large variety of products.

Any one of electric heater, gas, or superheated steam can be chosen as the heat source. As double-boiling is not required, this oven offers a high level of safety.
A continuous type model for low-mix, high-volume production and a batch type model for high-mix, low-volume production are available.


The Bestselling Product Perfect for Products that Should Avoid Dew Drops

From standard machines equipped with countermeasures perfect for products that should avoid dew drops to dedicated machines for the frozen food industry and special specification machines equipped with extremely low pressure steam generating equipment, these steamers constitute the bedrock of our company’s food machines.

We also undertake the design and manufacture of fully dedicated machines according to the intended use.

A continuous type model for low-mix, high-volume production and a batch type model (general rack carriage type and highly functional shelving type) for high-mix, low-volume production are available.

Tower Conveyer

A Space-Saving Vertical Model Perfect for Products with Long Processing Times

This equipment is perfect for products with long processing times, such as those requiring heating, cooling, and drying.

The tower conveyer itself can be used as a stocker and storage conveyer, but by combining it with various types of modules, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

  • In combination with a heat source ? Pasteurizer, dryer, steam cooking machine, final proofer, etc.
  • In combination with cold water and cold air ? Cooling equipment, freezer machine, etc.

Other Specially Designed Dedicated Equipment

We give shape to customer ideas of “If we could do this…”

From equipment to automate processes aimed at labor saving/power saving, to the replacement of manual labor aimed at the uniformity of products, we will design and manufacture the optimal automated machines based on customer requests.

  • Water remover
  • Dehydrator
  • Cup supplying equipment
  • Filling machine
  • Brand marking system - Fried eggs, buns, etc.
  • Box packing device, etc.