Comprehensive ability and high technology of Takigawa Group

Takigawa Kogyo prioritizes customer request in various fields such as steelmaking equipment, food manufacturing equipment, and other industrial equipment, and propose the optimum equipment configuration according to the factory layout.

Strengths of Takigawa Kogyo

01 Abundant knowledge and reliable product ability

For more than half century, we have been growing with having our main equipment product in completely different field of steel and food.
We will continue to work on equipment manufacturing with quality and environment improvement and ensuring safety in mind.

02 Consistent equipment without waste

We are continue to offering progressed steelmaking equipment from steel conveying equipment, to steel bar stacking machine which count and bind reinforcing bar steel and round steel bar , furthermore to stacking machine for special shaped steel.

03 Product development utilizing food manufacturing technology

The food manufacturing equipment is not limited to traditional Japanese sweets, but also responds to the modernizing food culture and supports various menus such as Western dessert and Chinese food by baking, steaming, and steaming.


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