Product Line

We have products that meet the needs of our customers.

Our products provide flexible solutions that respond to various needs while supporting base industries such as manufacturing food related to daily life and steelmaking.

Ironmaking equipment

We develop, design and manufacture a wide range of ironmaking processes related equipment, response to various specification requests.

Food Manufacturing Machines

We offer our originally developed automatic machines which equipped safety and operability as standard that can produce uniform and hygienic products in labor-saving, power-saving way.
In addition to standard machines, we also flexibly respond to requests for a single special dedicated machines.

Other industrial Machines

We sublimate functions requiring high precision and rapidity that cannot be achieved by operators alone into an automated machine that combines a high level of safety and production efficiency.We design and manufacture equipment that contributes to not only labor and energy savings, but also the shortening and improved efficiency of production processes.

Custom / Assembly Equipment

We also accept contract of parts manufacturing, processing and assembly utilizing our own plant manufacturing equipment. We support a wide range of parts from large-scale assemblies such as steelworks and shipyards to small parts such as a part of mechanical equipment, and under a quality control system based on ISO, we aiming to be a company that feel at ease until the final inspection.


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