February 1943
Katsuichi Takigawa founded at 56,
Befuchobefu, Kakogawa City
January 1948
Reorganized to become Takigawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 180,000 yen
June 1948
Changed name to Kyoritsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 500,000 yen
September 1949
Matsuo Takigawa became president
May 1950
Changed name to Takigawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
January 1957
Constructed the new head office and plant at 1254, Befuchobefu,
Kakogawa City; Opened Kobe Office
August 1958
Increased capital to 4 million yen
December 1959
Constructed a new pressing plant
November 1960
Constructed a new plate working plant
April 1963
Increased capital to 15 million yen
August 1963
Constructed a new plant at 211-1, Hiraokamachinakano, Kakogawa
City and relocated the head office and plant from Befu
February 1964
Separated the work-related business site and the newly established Takigawa Koji Co., Ltd.
March 1965
Increased capital to 30 million yen
May 1968
Constructed new Atsugi Plant at 1576, Aza Okihara, Onna, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
March 1969
Increased capital to 48 million yen, introduced an electric computer,
and constructed a new machinery plant
June 1970
Constructed the new head office and assembly plant
April 1972
Opened Tokyo Office at Itchimatsu Building 6F, 1-18-11, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
December 1975
Constructed a new large-scale assembly plant
April 1977
Relocated to the new head office at 52, Befuchoishimachi, Kakogawa City
January 1979
Added a pressing plant within the Head office plant
September 1980
Relocated the Tokyo Office to Eiko Building 4F, 2-2, Nihonbashihonmachi, Chuo-ku
June 1982
Increased capital to 96 million yen
July 1982
Constructed the Niijima Plant (First phase of construction)
August 1986
Introduced large double column type machining center
September 1986
Kamikawa Tekkosho Co.,Ltd. became a part of the group company
December 1986
Changed the company name from Takigawa Koji Co.,Ltd. to Takigawa Seisakusjo Co., Ltd.
and increased capital to 45 million yen
November 1988
Separated the Maintenance Department in Takigawa Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. and established as Takigawa Maintenance Co.,Ltd. with capital of 30 million yen
April 1990
Shogo Takigawa became president
September 1990
Introduced the EWS system
September 1995
Obtained ISO 9001 certification
November 1998
Obtained ISO 14001 certification
February 2000
Fully streamlined the company system and PC network system
September 2004
Obtained integrated certification for the three integrated management systems
of ISO 9001 including OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001
April 2006
Introduced TECHS-S production management system
June 2010
Introduced double column type machining center for the large precision machining
November 2010
Introduced horizontal machining center for the large precision machining BSF-150B-NC
October 2014
Introduced horizontal machining center for the large precision machining MPC-41120B
March 2015
Introduced horizontal machining center for precision machining YBM-10T-5PLS
September 2015
Relocated Tokyo Office to 1-50-10 Arakawa Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
September 2015
Integration of Takigawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and TAKIGAWA KOGYO Kakogawa plant
September 2015
Introduced CNC punch/laser multifunction device in Atsugi Plant
October 2017
Built a new large assembly plant(4th plant) in Head office plant
December 2017
Selected as a “Regional Future Leader” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
September 2018
Relocated Head Office to 211-1 Hiraokacho Kakogawa city, Hyogo
November 2018
Introduced 3D-CAD system
May 2019
Integration of Kamikawa Tekkosho Co., Ltd. and Takigawa Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
September 2019
Obtained ISO 45001 certification
November 2019
Introduced horizontal machining center for precision machining YBM-8T-5PLS
April 2020
Shohei Takigawa became president
February 2021
Certified by Hyogo Prefecture as “Reiwa 2nd Year Hyogo
Only One Company”
January 2023
Integration of Takigawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Takigawa Maintenance Co.,Ltd.