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Looking to the 100th Anniversary and Continuing to Change

In 1943, we were founded in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, as a company engaged in factory construction and operation assistance. Since then, we have gradually expanded our technical fields to include canning and assembly, machining using machine tools, and design of equipment, and now we support our customers in the manufacturing industry with engineering technologies that enable us to handle all aspects of equipment installation, from design to startup.

Originally from Beppu-cho, Kakogawa City, I was involved in the start-up of a plant in China for a major chemical manufacturer before joining our family business. Since assuming the position of president in 2020, I have been working to improve the organization by optimizing working conditions, strengthening ties with Kakogawa City, and strengthening cooperation within the group, making use of my experience of starting up a factory from scratch in my previous position.

Our greatest strength at Takigawa Kogyo is our ability to cover the entire process from design to the start of operations. There are several giant plant engineering companies in Japan, but we are, so to speak, a condensed version of them. We are proud of the fact that we are unique in that we are a small to medium-sized company. Since we are entrusted with our customers’ facilities, our culture is rooted in the idea of responding to our customers’ requests to the best of our ability. Our engineers, who have high communication skills to understand the needs of our customers, visit them directly and get involved from the hearing stage, which is also our unique style.

In the future, we will focus on overseas markets. While we will continue to focus on supporting domestic customers in the steelmaking field, we will aggressively pursue overseas expansion in the food and other fields. We will also work to further improve our technological capabilities in order to be highly competitive overseas. The first step should be to educate and train our employees and create a system for this purpose.

In addition, we generate 1/3 of the electricity for our Kakogawa Plant through solar power generation, and we also belong to local social contribution organizations and engage in social service as much as possible. As companies are increasingly concerned about their social value, we recognize that reducing their environmental impact is one of the things we must do, as well as expanding our business.

Although we are a long-established company that has been in business for more than half a century, we will continue to change as we look toward our 100th anniversary and adapt to the changing times.

CEOShohei Takigawa

CEO Shohei Takigawa