Branding Machine

OVERVIEWIdeal for promoting
your products

This equipment brands steamed and baked confectionery products such as steamed meat buns, Chinese buns, steamed bread, cakes, and cookies, as well as egg products such as Dashimaki egg rolls.
Logos and letters can be accurately branded in the center of the product surface, contributing to the PR of the company’s products.

Ideal for promoting your products


The heating plate is heated directly by IH (electromagnetic induction).

It saves energy because it does not heat excess parts and has excellent thermal efficiency due to direct heating.

The branding head heats up quickly, which significantly reduces preparation time.

It keeps excess heat from escaping to the surroundings.

Temperature can be easily set on the touch panel.

Automatically detects product height for optimal engraving and firing.

Advanced control enables high-speed engraving to be burned into the center of the product.

There is a type that pushes from right beside.