• Let’s talk with Takigawa.Let’s talk with Takigawa.
  • Let’s talk with Takigawa.
  • Let’s talk with Takigawa.

Our technicians begin by going to meet with you.
We see the current situation with their eyes.
With their ears, they listen to the needs.
Then we draw the plans.
We see the same things as the customer,
share the same space, and Discuss until
we are satisfied with the results.
Because we start by getting to know our customers.
We are as precise as filling in puzzle pieces.
We are able to create the products
you are looking for.
Let us hear it.
Tell us about your long-standing challenges.
The voices of the field.
Ambitious ideas.
What doesn’t exist yet, we can create it.
Start the conversation with us.




Phone number

(HQ)TEL079-435-1221Weekdays: 8:00~12:00 12:45~16:45

(TKY BR)TEL03-5604-9200Weekdays: 9:00~12:00 12:45~17:45